Preventative Dental Care

Preventative Dental Care for A Lifetime of Health

Avondale-area families are too busy to waste time on preventable conditions. That’s why they choose AZ Lifetime Dentistry to keep their teeth and gums in tip-top shape. The mouth and gums play a big role in your total health.

When your teeth aren’t taken care of, you increase your risk for infections, inflammation, heart issues, stroke, and dementia. Meanwhile, regular dental appointments combined with a good at-home dental care routine can ensure that you live a long, healthy life with an engaging, healthy smile.

Twice-a-year Cleanings Catch Problems Before They Start

One of the easiest ways to keep your teeth and gums healthy is to make regular preventative care appointments. So many people wait to come in until they have a big life event like a wedding or until they’re in pain. We’re always here to help, but if you make an appointment before there’s an emergency, we can save you time and grief in the long run.

At your preventative care appointments, our team will:

  • Take a health history to see what’s changed, and focus especially on new illnesses that could impact your oral health
  • Screen you for sleep breathing issues, since these can impact the whole body healthy
  • Thoroughly clean the plaque from your teeth, both above and below the gum lines
  • Polish your teeth and give you a fluoride treatment for a great smile
  • Check any sealants, fillings, or restorations to make sure that none of them need extra attention
  • Look for signs of decay, injury, or vulnerability
  • Check for receding, inflamed, or infected gum tissue
  • Screen you for oral cancer once a year
  • Perform yearly x-rays to ensure that your teeth and jaws are healthy inside and out
  • Give you tips and recommendations for better care at home

If there are any major problems with your teeth, you may need additional appointments. When you come in regularly, we catch issues before they become time-consuming.

Do Your Part at Home

To get the full benefits of preventative dental care, you should also do your part at home. It can be hard to develop good brushing, flossing, and eating habits. Here are some hints to help you keep up with oral hygiene:

  • Get toothpaste and floss you’re excited about. It sounds silly, but it’s easier to remember to brush and floss if you like the products that you’re using. If you don’t like one brand, try another. Tooth care should be relaxing, not an unpleasant chore.
  • Gadgets can help. Water jet tools or electric toothbrushes can make up for poor technique. Ask our team for recommendations if you want to go high-tech with your tooth care.
  • Instead of going cold turkey, make substitutes. If you chew gum, switch to a sugar-free brand with xylitol. If you drink carbonated soda, try soda water with a splash of flavor. Substituting a less damaging choice can give you big benefits.
  • Try to include some raw fruits and vegetables. Snacks like apples and carrots can be good for your teeth. Trade at least one sticky, sugary snack for a healthy snack each day.

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